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What is Wayne OS Project?

It’s a free/libre and open-source OS project based on Chromium OS.
This project intends to offer useful binary, source code, document, video, user support in multi languages for non-Chromebook devices.

Comparison of Chromium OS (Chromium OS Derivatives) and Wayne OS

Utilizing Chromium OS is not easy as it’s designed for Chromebook (Chrome OS) and users have to build/customize it, however Wayne OS has enhanced HW compatibility for AMD64 with additional features for developer/user.


    • Safe: Designed to protect from Virus and OS-modification.
    • Lightweight: No slowing down (It doesn’t mean that the OS is fast on any devices as the speed depends on HW).
    • Easy: No complex setup/management as traditional Linux distros or Windows, simple UI/UX for end-user.


    • Open: Every source codes (beyond OSS license duty), development issue/plan, bugs are opened to public.
    • Free: Anyone (individual, profit/nonprofit org, etc.) can download/install/use/modify/expand/distribute/sell Wayne OS project’s binary/source-code/document/video under minimal restrictions licenses.
    • No charge: Nothing requires any prices/addtional-services, unless you request outsourcing.
    • Diversity: Portable, installation, etc. additional featured binaries are offered.
    • Customizable: You can modify (brand identity, splash-screen, login process, mode, etc) binary or source code for your purpose.
    • Improved live USB: In contrast to legacy live USB, Wayne OS USB works as a removable storage (and the OS partitions are hidden) in Windows/macOS. Wayne OS portable versions include this feature.

Use Case

    • Low-end PC (ex: home, PC distributor, smart factory)
    • Public PC (ex: school, internet cafe)
    • Special purpose device which focus on web browsing (ex: kiosk)
    • USB flash drive which includes OS and removable storage
    • Combination with SW (ex: groupware, web service)


Binary, source code, document, video are under each different licenses.

Contribution and Development Guide

Wayne OS project is looking forward to your contribution (translation, documentation, reporting, suggestion, coding).


Alexander Frick @LordFrick
Wayne Inc. members

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