How to start Wayne OS

1. Introduction
– To follow this instruction, you have to get WAYNE-OS-FREE in your USB flash drive, or buy WAYNE-OS-USB.
– For a normal removable storage, you can use USB-STORAGE partition in WAYNE-OS-FREE/WAYNE-OS-USB with Windows, macOS and Wayne OS.
– Besides USB-STORAGE partition, Wayne OS already exists in your USB flash drive but hidden from user.
– You can boot Wayne OS from your USB flash drive, without any installation to local HDD/SSD on PC.

2. To enter BIOS/UEFI
– Plug in the Wayne OS USB flash drive when the PC is turned off.
– Once the PC is turned on, press the BIOS/UEFI entrance key repeatedly, which varies depending on the PC model and manufacturer as per below example.

HPF1 / F2 / F6 / F10 / F11 / F12 / ESC
DellF1 / F2 / F3 / F12 / DEL / CTRL+ALT+ENTER / DEL+ESC / Fn+ESC / Fn+F1
LenovoF1 / F2 / F12 / Fn+F2 / Enter-F1 / CTRL+ALT+F3 / CTRL+ALT+INC / Fn+F1
AcerF1 / F2 / F10 / DEL / CTRL+ALT+ESC
AsusF2 / F10 / DEL / INSERT
ToshibaF1 / F2 / F12 / ESC
SonyF1 / F2 / F3 / ASSIST
ASRockF2 / DEL
Gigabyte / AorusF2 / DEL
MS Surface TabletsPress and hold volume up button

Alternative way to enter BIOS/UEFI with Windows 10
– Navigate to Settings in Windows 10 start menu.

– Click Update & Security in Windows Settings.

– Select Recovery in the left pane.

– Click Restart now under the Advanced startup header (computer will reboot).

– Click Troubleshoot in Choose an option with blue screen.

– Click Advanced options.

– Click UEFI Firmware Settings.

– Click Restart to confirm.

3. Setup BIOS/UEFI
– Once entering the BIOS/UEFI menu, set your USB flash drive into boot order number 1.

– Turn off Secure Boot.
– Save your setting and reboot.

4. Boot Wayne OS
– Wayne OS splash screen will be displayed.

– Once booting, configure language, accessibility, network.

– Login with Google account or guest mode.

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