Wayne OS


Based on Chromium OS amd64-generic.
The basic instruction and source code can be referred from http://dev.chromium.org/chromium-os

Difference between Chromium OS

Chromium OS is designed and developed for Chrome OS and Chromebook, and is hard to be used on general PCs.

Wayne OS is modified and improved from Chromium OS for general PCs including HW compatibility, USB-STORAGE partition, etc.


– FREE: Individual, school, company, manufacturer, organization, anybody can use Wayne OS without payment.

SAFE: No need to worry about Virus.

LIGHTWEIGHT: No slowing down (It doesn’t mean that Wayne OS is fast for every PCs as speed depends on HW).

PORTABLE: Chromium OS or many Linux affiliation OS can be installed in a removable storage device, such as a USB flash drive (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Live_USB) and the USB flash drive couldn’t be used as a removable storage (only for OS booting). However, a USB flash drive that is installed with Wayne OS can be used as a removable storage and OS booting as Wayne OS adopted Improved Live USB tech.
The Improved Live USB is a patent property and is allowed for Wayne OS user/developer.

CUSTOMIZABLE: You can change Wayne OS BI (splash screen, logo) to your personal/organization/company BI for your business.

VERIFIED: Chromium OS is one of the most popular open source OS that requires knowledge/experience about Gentoo/Kernel/open-source for building/modifying/debugging.
Wayne OS that is released every quarters can be an alternative of Chromium OS.


– Need internet connection as Wayne OS is a web browser focused OS that is similar with Chromium/Chrome OS.
– Cannot install/execute Windows native applications.
– Doesn’t support Google property service such as Play Store, Chrome Sync.
– Performance might depend on USB flash drive as compared with SSD, many USB flash drives use cheaper controller/flash memory chips that will affect to OS performance.
It is recommended to use decent USB flash drives (ex: SanDisk Extreme),
or install Wayne OS in your local HDD/SSD in PC when available in the future in order to get a better performance.