Comparison of Chromium OS (Chromium OS derivatives) and Wayne OS

Utilizing Chromium OS is not easy as it’s designed for Chromebook (Chrome OS) and users have to build/customize it, however Wayne OS has enhanced HW compatibility for AMD64 with additional features for developer/user.


  • Safe: Designed to protect from Virus and OS-modification.
  • Lightweight: No slowing down (It doesn’t mean that the OS is fast on any devices as the speed depends on HW).
  • Easy: No complex setup/management as traditional Linux distros or Windows, simple UI/UX for end-user.


  • Open: Every source codes (beyond OSS license duty), development issue/plan, bugs are opened to public.
  • Free: Anyone (individual, profit/nonprofit org, etc.) can download/install/use/modify/expand/distribute/sell Wayne OS project’s binary/source-code/document/video under minimal restrictions licenses.
  • No charge: Nothing requires any prices/addtional-services, unless you request outsourcing.
  • Diversity: Portable, installation, etc. additional featured binaries are offered.
  • Customizable: You can modify (brand identity, splash-screen, login process, mode, etc) binary or source code for your purpose.
  • Improved live USB: In contrast to legacy live USB, Wayne OS USB works as a removable storage (and the OS partitions are hidden) in Windows/macOS. Wayne OS portable versions include this feature.