Google’s restriction for Chromium & Chromium OS


Unfortunately since 2021-03-15, Google mentioned they will restrict their Oauth & Chrome Sync on Chromium and Chromium OS which are made by third-parties.

It means that in Wayne OS, login by Google ID will be rate limited and Chromium browser will not be synced with Google ID.

This is not only affect to Wayne OS as there are various browsers/OSs/embedded-SWs are from open source Chromium & Chromium OS project, which have spread Google service and grown up together in the open source environment. However Google seems to decide to take their share against rivals now.

What Wayne OS will do

  • Wayne OS will still go with the slogan (safe, lightweight, free).
  • We consider ‘non-google’ features.
  • Besides, we would also provide ‘personal methods for Google login in Wayne OS’