Installing Wayne OS in a USB flash drive

1. Preparation
– Windows/Linux/Chromebook PC (disk space available).
– A USB flash drive (8/16/32GB).
– Time (0.5-1 hour).

2. Download Wayne OS zip file
– Once unzip, it will show .bin file.

3. Initialize USB flash drive (optional)
– If your USB flash drive has error/corruption, the installation process could fail.

4. Overwrite .bin file on USB flash drive by image writer tool
Windows user
USBWriter-1.3: reference
win32diskimager-binary: reference
Chromebook recovery utility: reference
click gear icon/setting on top right > use local image.
– balenaEtcher-Portable-1.5.109: This seems not working for Wayne OS installation perfectly.
– rufus-3.11: This cannot install Wayne OS exactly.

Chromebook user
Chromebook recovery utility: reference

Linux user
$ sudo dd if=${BIN_FILE} of=/dev/${USB_FLASH_DRIVE}
${BIN_FILE} must be .bin file name like wayne-os-usb16g-1q21.bin.
${USB_FLASH_DRIVE} must be a device name like sdx, Not a partition name like sdx1.
Warning: If you write local storage (ex: hdd/ssd) name on it by mistake, you will lose data on the local storage so please check the device name carefully by lsblk.

5. Check
– Once completed, you can see a USB-STORAGE partition if the installation is succeed.
– Try to boot the USB flash drive on your computer via USB booting in BIOS/UEFI setting.

3 Replies to “Installing Wayne OS in a USB flash drive”

  1. I want to install it on my laptop. I don’t want to use it on the stick. Can you help me install it on my laptop?

    1. Hello, currently we only support for USB installation. Will inform whenever the laptop installation available in the future.

  2. Hey.. I want to join Wayne OS project.
    I wish I can get involved.
    I want to make Wayne OS install in HDD and support Play store

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