Installing Wayne OS on a USB flash drive

1. Preparation
– Windows/Linux/Chromebook PC (need disk space more than .bin file).
– A USB flash drive (8/16/32GB).

2. Download Wayne OS file
– Once decompress 7z file, it will show .bin file.

3. Initialize USB flash drive (optional)
– If your USB flash drive has an error/corruption, the installation process could fail.

4. Write .bin file on USB flash drive by image writer tool
Windows user
USBWriter-1.3: download
win32diskimager-binary: download
Chromebook recovery utility: download
click gear icon/setting on top right > use local image.
balenaEtcher-Portable-1.5.109: This seems not working for Wayne OS installation perfectly.
rufus-3.11: This cannot install Wayne OS exactly.

Chromebook user
Chromebook recovery utility: download

Linux user
$ sudo dd if=${BIN_FILE} of=/dev/${USB_FLASH_DRIVE}
${BIN_FILE} must be .bin file name like wayne-os-usb16g-1q21.bin.
${USB_FLASH_DRIVE} must be a device name like sdx, Not a partition name like sdx1.
Warning: If you write local storage (ex: hdd/ssd) name on it by mistake, you will lose data on the local storage so please check the device name carefully by lsblk.

5. Check
– If you install wayne-os-portable version, you can see only a STORAGE partition in Windows/macOS if the installation is succeed.
– Try to boot the USB flash drive on your computer via USB booting from BIOS/UEFI setting.